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CNC Retrofitting

CNC RetrofittingAn essential cost effective service for upgrading your existing NC or CNC machine tool to the latest 'state of the art' technology. All our retrofits are complete, where every machine is rewired and all electrical components are replaced. We provide comprehensive documentation including electrical schematics, ladder diagrams, macro and parameter listings, giving you a machine tool you can rely on and guaranteed, with a control system of your choice. Retrofitting, re-manufacturing and rebuilding can provide the answer to your manufacturing needs at a fraction of the cost to replace with a new machine tool. Re-engineering your machine tools will greatly assist you meet the demands of higher productivity by improving quality and performance.

CNC Retrofitting deals in replacing or adding equipment to existing machine tools to improve energy efficiency, extend their lifespan and ultimately increase their general output.

Benefits of CNC retrofitting:

  • Benefiting from new technologies and materials
  • Optimisation of existing tool components
  • Product adaptation for newer or altered tools
  • Spare parts availability


The term Retrofitting allows new or updated parts to be fitted to old or outdated machine tools, typically when the design of a part or tool has been amended.

Recently Rebuilt /Refurbished and/or Retrofitted CNC Machine Tools

  • (2) Bridgeport Interact 412 4 axis VMC
  • (5) BoŽhringer VDF 800 CNC 2 Axis lathes (Retrofitted)
  • (5) Daewoo Puma CNC lathes
  • (2) Gildermeister 710 2 axis CNC lathes (Retrofitted)
  • (2) Hitachi Seiki 4NE CNC lathes
  • (2) Hurco BMC 50 Vertical Machining Centres
  • (3) Hurco MK 3P Vertical machining centres
  • (2) Kitamura Mycentre VMC
  • (1) Matsuura VMC 500
  • (2) Matsuura VMC 1000 & 1500
  • (2) Mazak VQC 20/50B Twin pallet VMC
  • (2) Mazak 3 Metre Flat bed CNC lathes
  • (3) Mori Seiki TL & SL CNC lathes
  • (1) Nakamura TMC 4 CNC lathe
  • (1) Okuma 4 axis LC20
  • (2) Pratt & Witney 4 axis special purpose CNC slotting machine (Retrofitted)
  • (3) Schaffner horizontal 3 & 4 axis CNC milling machines (Retrofitted)
  • (2) Suga AT 25 CNC lathes
  • (4) Suga ST 300 CNC lathes
  • (2) Wickman Taiyo CNC lathes
CNC RetrofittingUpdates on our rebuilt machines use 'state of the art' technology in all aspects of the control system including digital axis and spindle drives. We fit most types of CNC & PLC logic systems including Anilam, Fanuc, Fagor and Siemans.

We can update your conventional machine tool to CNC improving your efficiency and profit margin.

If you have any unusual or special applications, we may be all you need to fulfill your requirements.

CNC Retrofitting | Machine Tool Retrofitting | BMTS
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CNC Retrofitting | Machine Tool Retrofitting | BMTS
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CNC Retrofitting | Machine Tool Retrofitting | BMTS