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surface grinding

Surface Grinding

surface grinding

Here at Birmingham Machine Tool Services we offer a surface grinding service second to none. Whatever your requirements we can meet them and more often than not exceed them!

We have capacity up to 10 feet 8″ in length (3.25 metres), height up to 50″ (1300mm) and width up to 5 feet 6″ (1700mm).

We can grind large surface areas, angles, vees, square edges and more configurations to a high level of accuracy. Regularly achieving tolerances on flatness, straightness, parallelism and angularity down to 0.005mm over any 300mm length (0.0002″ over any 12″). Also grinding dimensions to high levels of accuracy. We can do this as we keep our machinery calibrated to the highest possible standards and have the expertise and experience in our grinding team.

Whether your surface grinding requirement is for a plate, base, slideways, machine beds, or all manner of slide assemblies to be ground we can help you.

Some surface grinding examples are shown to give an idea of what our surface grinder is capable of:

surface grinding application

Check our machine tool services, renowned nationwide for their expertise, knowledge and skill in all aspects of machine tool repair, servicing, machine tool rebuilding and CNC retrofitting.

Surface Grinding | Machine Tool Rebuilds | BMTS
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Surface Grinding | Machine Tool Rebuilds | BMTS
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Surface Grinding | Machine Tool Rebuilds | BMTS